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La soja para el plástico biodegradable

The ecological plastic that comes from soya

Did you know that there is a biodegradable plastic that is made from such a natural component as soya? It is a material obtained from the protein of this plant capable of absorbing 40 times its weight. Almost nothing. A new ecological and environmentally friendly

Reciclyng plastics

What types of plastics can be recycled

Plastics, like tastes and colors, there are a few and very different among them. But not all of them can be recycled. The resin they are made of is marked with the Plastic Identification Code or RIC; that is, a number that serves to identify

Packaging Juypal

What is packaging? Packaging Online

It is the letter of introduction to the consumer. That is why it must be eye-catching and showy: this allows the product to stand out from the competition. We are referring to the packaging, container, box or wrapping of a certain article that is put

Botellas de plástico PET TRITAN

Plastic containers of pet and tritan

What does PET or TRITAN mean in plastic bottles? It looks like glass and has the advantages of glass, but it is not glass. It is reusable plastic. It is called tritan and has come to stay definitively in the daily life of consumers. In

Reducir reutilizar y reciclar

What is reduce, reuse and recycle?

What are the 3 rs? The three R’s for environmental protection are a basic rule for reducing emissions and the volume of waste generated. Basically, the three Rs try to raise human awareness to avoid wasteful consumption of polluting products. This generates not only energy

la guerra contra el plástico

The War on Plastics

The world of the 21st century has declared war on plastic. The toxic waste generated by this type of material when it is no longer used seems to have made a good part of society aware of the need to preserve the environment. The critical

Juypal: masters in reusable plastic

Not by repeating a lie ad nauseam, it becomes true. Different media trends have been selling the pernicious effect that plastic has on the environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let's not be hypocritical either. Although it is true that plastic can be
Frankfurt ambiente Feria

Juypal will be present at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt

The fair where the future becomes the present: 2020 looks good Do you want to know what will happen at the world’s leading consumer trade show? Visitors and exhibitors will discover new perspectives for the future in different areas, as well as trends and opportunities