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The War on Plastics

The world of the 21st century has declared war on plastic.

The toxic waste generated by this type of material when it is no longer used seems to have made a good part of society aware of the need to preserve the environment.

The critical sectors are increasing and plastic is beginning to be relegated to other types of materials.

One of the symbols of pollution is the plastic bag. A large part of the consumer public has replaced this element with cotton and paper bags. However, not all that glitters is gold.

They can be just as harmful to nature. In general, they are all harmful to the environment. Some experts even go further and are of the opinion that cotton bags can be more annoying than recyclable plastic bags.

How much does it cost to make a plastic, cotton or paper bag?

Beyond the environmental impact of bags once we want to get rid of them, there is another debate that must be taken seriously: We forget about the cost of manufacturing a bag.

And the questions arise: how much energy is used to make it? Is it easy to recycle a plastic bag? How long does it take for the plastic to decompose?

The fact of manufacturing alternative bags to plastic, such as paper or cotton, has an environmental cost to be taken into account.

For example, the first one, which seems more ecological, is misleading. Making a paper bag uses more than four times the energy required for a plastic bag.

All that glitters is not gold

Also, while refined oil is used for plastic bags, paper bags require a few forests to be cut down to reach the end consumer.

This is in the beginning, because during the production process, a lot of water is used and a high concentration of chemicals toxic to humans and nature is produced.

Plastic, with studies in hand, is not as harmful as they want to sell it to us.

It is an element that is part of our daily lives. Many things that surround us and make our existence more comfortable are made of plastic, we are not going to fool ourselves now.

From Juypal Hogar we have always understood that the future always begins in the present. That is why we have always prioritized the creation and manufacture of eco-friendly products, following quality, design and sustainability parameters.

In Juypal we are committed to the environment

In Juypal we dress up your home in any corner, from the kitchen, the terrace or the garden, not to mention the accessories for the pets and a whole world of fantasy in the cleaning line, with fun pieces, totally functional and with a design in continuous update, making every day different.

Each Juypal article that meets the needs of homes for plastic objects for everyday use presented in the market is the result of a long and deep knowledge of manufacturing techniques and what families are looking for.

Always with the flag of respect and awareness to damage as little as possible to a planet already punished enough.