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What is reduce, reuse and recycle?

What are the 3 rs?

The three R’s for environmental protection are a basic rule for reducing emissions and the volume of waste generated.

Basically, the three Rs try to raise human awareness to avoid wasteful consumption of polluting products. This generates not only energy savings, but also economic savings, without highlighting the care that it provides to the environment.

The best solution at this time is to take these three words to heart: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Do you know what each one means?

Reducing consumption

As the word says, what we must start to be aware of is to buy or use those products that we really need.

The misuse or abuse of these products will lead to a higher rate of waste that for the most part cannot be reused.

A clear example of this is water bottles. Instead of buying small doses of these plastic bottles, we should buy the same amount of water in larger bottles.

With this, even though the water bottles are not reusable, we achieve a lower impact on the environment by having to recycle a lower amount of units.

Here we will have two different types of savings, one is economic and the other is energy. When more consumption on our part companies must produce more to supply the market, this causes an immeasurable daily use of energy and is something we can avoid to a large extent.

The other point, the economic one, is undoubtedly the most direct. It is incredible what can be saved by changing our usual consumption patterns.

Reusing the products

Why not use reusable straws or reusable bags? Everything has its pros and cons. We all know how convenient it is to use a straw and discard it.

A clear example could be coffee. How convenient it is to make coffee today with those great coffee makers and their disposable capsules.

Why not use reusable coffee capsules? As we said before, the difference is in our behavior. By changing our guidelines and working a little more we could save tons of coffee packaging.

In the same way we could use reusable glasses and not the ones we are used to.

Whether they are made of reusable plastic or any other material, this small gesture will have an unimaginable impact on the environment.

Recycle the plastic

The most popular R. Our system is based on disposable products because of their incredible energy and economic savings.

You need to change those habits and start creating and using biodegradable plastic products.

We can bring recycling into any area of our lives.

Why not use recycled toys? Why not use recyclable bags?

Most of these products have a very long shelf life and are therefore prone to being used by others.

It no longer has to be just toys, bags, or lower cost items, recycled furniture for example, are products of enormous quality and made from 100% ecological materials.

Now with the Internet there is no longer any excuse, the typical questions of: How to recycle at home? How to recycle garbage?

From JUYPAL we want to promote these initiatives to make people aware of the good use and enjoyment of our products.