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Mop buckets and reusable plastic bins

Reusable plastic mop buckets

The mop bucket is one of the main utensils in any home. This product is used to scrub the floors effectively and without derived physical problems.

At Juypal Hogar we have a great variety of reusable plastic mop buckets so you can have the one that best suits your daily needs.

Capacities, sizes, colors… In our online shop of mop buckets and cleaning products you can get everything you need to keep your house clean from germs.

Mop buckets effortlessly

Our mops comply with all the health and hygiene regulations applicable in the European Union. The best mops online are in Juypal. Enter and get your cleaning items at the best price.

Mop bucket with automatic wringer

You don’t know where to buy a new plastic mop bucket? If you are looking for a good quality, durable, designer and ergonomic mop bucket you have found it.  

We have great buckets to make your household cleaning tasks much more bearable and that, over time, remain as the first day.

Scrubbing bucket and plastic wastepaper

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