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Reusable Plastic Planters

Buy cheap flower pots and planters

In Juypal Hogar we are specialists in the design and manufacture of home products. Whether they are household items or for decoration. All our products are manufactured with plastics free of bpa and other components that are toxic to the environment. Here you will find:

Plastic pots and planters of different colours at an affordable price to be able to decorate your home without the economic aspect being an inconvenience.
Cheap pots and planters, not only for the item but for the long term water saving, as our pots and planters are designed to store water and prevent it from evaporating.

Original pots and planters

Why not give one of these magnificent original plastic planters as a gift? Give a touch of colour, of avant-garde or rural design to your garden or interior spaces with the bright colours brought by our planters.

Reusable plastic flowerpots and planters

Our reusable plastic planters are the most common choice. They are cheap outdoor planters and come in a variety of designs, colours and shapes. Excellent for decorating your garden or balcony.

Finally remember that our reusable plastic planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and once the product’s life cycle is over we can use it again in a different manufacturing process and give it another life.

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