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Reusable Organic Dishes

Reusable Hard Plastic Dishes

Manufacturers of reusable ecological plates

The Biodegradable Dishes are an ecological, sustainable and effective solution in the food service.

The reusable plastic plates manufactured by Juypal will allow you not only to present an elegant table but also to care for the environment.

Together with our plastic cups and cutlery you will have a multitude of options to decorate your table.

Enjoy our reusable plastic products both at home and outdoors with family, friends or any kind of gathering.

Take a look at our Biodegradable Plates and discover that sustainability, design and good value can go hand in hand.

Our biodegradable plastic plates have been designed with a focus on our three-R philosophy (reduce, recycle and reuse).

Biodegradable plastic plates for any kind of food… Our hard plastic plates are manufactured to obtain the highest performance on the smallest surface possible, making them even better than traditional ceramic plates. Manufactured from scratch in our facilities we managed to design a biodegradable plastic plate.