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Tritan, the fashionable packaging in the cosmetics sector

It does not contain bisphenols (BPA and BPS) or other chemicals that may alter the contents of the containers or make them harmful to the body.

It’s all advantages. Tritan is a plastic that is less harmful to health and now has a strong foothold in the cosmetics sector. More and more manufacturers are signing up to market cosmetic bottles, jars and accessories made from tritan.

Tritan in cosmetic packaging is here to stay. What does this type of material consist of? It is presented as a new generation of recyclable, health-safe copolyester resins.

It is ideal for the manufacture of reusable plastic water bottles in particular, but also for other types of packaging, such as cosmetics, which contain substances that come into direct contact with the skin (make-up, nail polish, mascara…)

Light, resistant, odourless…Cosmetic packaging in Spain

What is it about tritan that makes it so popular to make new containers? Well, it offers some of the characteristics of glass and steel without its disadvantages: high transparency, resistance to breakage, lightness, no transmission of odors or flavors and possibility of use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Juypal, a specialist in reducing, reusing and recycling plastic products, is aware of its customers’ needs in the 21st century. That is why we design, manufacture and market household items and also cosmetics made of sustainable plastic for all households.

Reusable plastic containers. Ecological cosmetic packaging.

In Juypal Hogar we also dress the house in any corner, from the kitchen, the terrace or the garden, including the arrangement, without forgetting the accessories for the pets and a whole world of fantasy in the cleaning line, using reusable and fun plastic products.

We have always prioritized the creation and manufacture of eco-friendly products, following quality, design and sustainability parameters.

Bisphenol-free containers are reusable; that is, they are durable and can be used for a long time. They are not only used to store water or other liquids.

Thanks to their ergonomic design and wide caps, they are also ideal for containing other types of products, such as those intended for the beauty and care of one or more of them, the cosmetics.

Protecting the environment. Customized cosmetic packaging.

In Juypal we bet on eco-friendly plastic products and customized cosmetic packaging, which are those made with biodegradable materials, that is, non-polluting materials that can be degraded by natural elements. They save CO2 and protect the environment.

And as far as cosmetics are concerned, we offer packaging solutions that meet the demands of consumers.