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What is packaging? Packaging Online

It is the letter of introduction to the consumer. That is why it must be eye-catching and showy: this allows the product to stand out from the competition.

We are referring to the packaging, container, box or wrapping of a certain article that is put on sale. Also known as packaging.

What functions must the packaging fulfil? Its purpose is to protect the product in question during its transfer to the sales centres, its stay in a warehouse or in a store and its handling.

It must also convey information to the consumer. The packaging usually contains details of the manufacturer and the product, expiry date, components and other information.

Taking care of the external aspect, an original packaging

For those who have not yet realised, as much or more than the content, their form and appearance is very important in the sales process. That is why companies must take special care of the packaging, a solution that Juypal offers in a professional way.

In Juypal Innovations we design and develop original packaging and plastic products according to the requests and needs of our clients. Thanks to the fact that we control all the processes.

Our experience and good work guarantee us. We have worked with clients like Fanta, Playmobil or McDonalds.

Ecological packaging

We give shape to an ecological packaging with our own resources and recyclable elements, always taking into account the preservation of the environment.

From the initial design in 3D, through prototyping, mold manufacturing, testing, injection, IML customization, assembly, packaging, and finished in the logistics …

Processes that allow us to offer the best personalized service with maximum effectiveness and quality control. We promote at the same time the sustainability of the whole process because for us the respect for the environment is not an option, it is a conviction.

A good ecological packaging can be an excellent way to reach the customers in an indelible way, to conquer their attention. That’s for sure, so it’s worth paying a little attention to it. In this way we will manage to find the key to success between company and consumer.

Customized packaging

In Juypal we always put ourselves at the client’s disposal.

From the very first minute. IML (In Mold Labeling) labels, silk screen printing, adhesives, erosion and mold finishes… are several of the examples with which our products can be decorated and give them such an important and necessary added value nowadays.

The services that we offer in Juypal in relation to the product or article does not only end with the design. We manufacture the container, packaging or label in our moulding workshop with state-of-the-art numerical control machines.

Unlike our competitors, in Juypal we offer all the production phases, all unified from the same company.