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Biodegradable Plastic Vessels

Transparent Biodegradable Glasses

A definite advantage : Biodegradability

Customized reusable plastic cups

Reusable products prevent more than 80% of waste going directly into the environment. Thus, we avoid management and lower cost at all levels as well as less damage to nature.

Our biodegradable plastic cups have been designed with a focus on our three-R philosophy (reduce, recycle and reuse).

This is why we have incorporated a wide range of personalized biodegradable cups into our services, so that in any situation, event, party or simply a meeting with friends you can enjoy this magnificent product with a unique personal touch.

Biodegradable glasses for beer, water, soft drinks… Our biodegradable cups are designed to withstand any liquid element. Manufactured from scratch in our facilities we managed to design a reusable hard plastic cup.