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Reusable plastic lunch boxes or tapers

Food Storage Boxes airtight

Reusable plastic tapers

The reusable plastic tapers designed by Juypal are one of the most popular utensils in every home. Who hasn’t ever used a taper to take food to work? For the children’s lunch at school? Who doesn’t have a plastic taper at home?
If what you want is to market top quality plastic caps with a totally personalized design, the only thing you have to do is contact Juypal Hogar. The best reusable plastic tapers can be found in this section.

Cheap plastic tapers or “tuppers

On our website you will find a large number of cheap food tapers. We have them in all sizes and features.
Microwave oven tapers with multifunction valve, plastic taper set and a wide variety of capacities and shapes to store all kinds of food. If you want to have a better vision of all our products you can get our online catalogue of tapers and thus to know our products better. Juypal Hogar is an online shop for wholesale tapers or “tuppers”.

Plastic food tapers

At Juypal Hogar we have the best plastic food tapers in Spain.
All our tapers have the strict and necessary standards suitable for consumption. All our plastic tapestry models go through strict sanitary and hygienic controls. Buy or acquire your plastic food tapestry at Juypal Hogar.