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Reusable Plastic Bottles PET | TRITAN | PE




What types of plastic bottles can be reused?

TRITAN plastic bottles are a new generation of bottles made of recyclable, health-safe co-polyester. 

TRITAN is a material free of BPA, BPS and any other type of bisphenol.

At Juypal Hogar we have a great variety of tritan bottles, both for children and adults, with a great variety of colours, shapes and capacities.

What are the advantages of TRITAN bottles compared to glass bottles?

The main advantages of TRITAN reusable plastic bottles over glass bottles is that they are more resistant but at the same time lighter as they are more elastic and absorb impacts better.


What does pet mean in plastic bottles?

These reusable plastic bottles are more characterized by their conservation capacity, efficiency, safety and comfort.

In Juypal Hogar you can find all kinds of reusable bottles, as well as different capacities, colors, shapes and designs.

In this section you will find a great variety of reusable plastic pet bottles with which you can fill your favorite drinks and have them available at any time.

At Juypal Hogar we think about you. That is why we can design, mold and create customized plastic bottles for your company.