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Juypal: masters in reusable plastic

Not by repeating a lie ad nauseam, it becomes true.

Different media trends have been selling the pernicious effect that plastic has on the environment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s not be hypocritical either. Although it is true that plastic can be harmful, the real problem is not in the unequivocal fact of its existence, but in the bad use that human beings make of it.

In Juypal we are a company with a vocation for service that is dedicated to the commercialization of reusable plastic products for the home, the garden, the terrace, the bathroom, in cleaning products

But always under the flag of sustainability and the reuse of plastics to respect our nature.

Can we live without plastic?

In Juypal Empresas we take special care of the detail in the design and the constant research together with a personalized attention to each one of our clients.

Taking into account the latest technologies and the trends established by the market, we produce household items in propylene, a type of plastic product that is more respectful of the environment, as well as kitchen accessories. All of them are products of the highest quality and with a clearly Spanish design.

The truth must prevail, above all, and not deceive people.

To begin with, plastic has a bad reputation. It is said that it takes a long time to degrade in nature. Having said that, it is no less true that plastic is the most versatile and democratic material that has changed our world for the better since the middle of the 20th century.

Advantages of plastic? Low cost, great capacity to adapt to almost any need and ideal characteristics to manufacture any article.

And the million dollar question is… why not reuse plastic bottles and help improve our lives?

Plastic reuse companies agree: plastic, biodegradable

For example, an element as essential and everyday in the life of people and society in general as a flight plane is made of more than 53% plastic polymers, which makes it light enough to dominate the heights.

But it is not the only thing we see and use every day: the sunglasses, the camera, the ID card, the buttons on the shirt… The great magic of plastic makes our life more comfortable and economical.

With products that are clearly manufactured in Spanish soil, in Juypal we dress up the home in any corner, from the kitchen, the terrace or the garden, including the arrangement, without forgetting the accessories for the pets and a whole world of fantasy in the cleaning line, with fun and totally functional pieces.

From Juypal we inform seriously about what we do; we do not generalize, we like to educate our clients in the truth and in the application of the responsibility for the preservation of the environment.

Our philosophy is largely based on the triple R: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Plastic products for the future

Each biodegradable plastic product that Juypal presents in the market is the result of a long and deep knowledge of both manufacturing techniques and market needs.

Our commitment is none other than to attend our customers’ requests with a wide range of possibilities to adapt ourselves, in this way, to their needs.

In Juypal we diversify our products to satisfy your demand.

We maintain the challenge of constant evolution within markets and products that are highly committed at a technological level.

Since then, our drawers, slides and kitchen accessories have evolved in order to meet everything your business or home misses.